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The SEM Agency Challenging What Is
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HawkSEM's tailor-made marketing strategies are the proven path to better ROI, revenue & growth. Partner with the SEM agency that will help you soar above the rest.

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Hello there!

As an SEM agency that believes results are everything, we help companies grow through ROI-boosting digital marketing programs that make clients smile. Smiling is a very good thing – and we’re glad you’re here.

Our Results and Case Studies

DirectTV Conversions Increase

7x increased conversions

Zephyr Conversions

60% reduced conversion costs

Verizon Volume Growth

3x conversion volume growth

Microsoft Keyword Rankings

4,000 page 1 keyword rankings

Honda Organic Sessions

Increased organic sessions by 200%

CSUN Increased Conversions

800% increase in conversions

Datadog Lead Volume

Doubled lead volume

Nike Ecommerce Conversions

Increased ecommerce conversion rates 2-fold

686 Increased Revenue

Increased revenue 562%

What is an SEM Agency?

An SEM agency works with brands to help them strategize, build, and improve their search engine marketing strategies.

Using industry experience, best practices, and the latest technology, a successful SEM agency can partner with you to better connect with your audience, create effective online advertising campaigns, and grow your business as a result.

Some SEM agencies may only focus on paid search or PPC ads, while other more full-service agencies (like ours) offer other digital marketing services like search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and video ads.

Why HawkSEM: What Sets Our Search Marketing Agency Apart

Our clients are excited to open our emails.

Because at HawkSEM, we offer more than your run-of-the-mill SEM agency. We provide breakthroughs for business owners stuck in plateaus and relief for overwhelmed marketing managers.

Marketing reports that cross off goals you set months ago.

More returns and less stress.

Our Team

Made up of a team of high-level experts in the most prominent fields of digital marketing, we provide truly personalized services.

As our client, you’re assigned a dedicated team to strategize and execute your custom-made marketing plan.

In addition to your dedicated team, clients also have access to our collective agency-wide mind via our Performance Team to answer your questions at the drop of a hat. This group of client success experts seek out additional growth opportunities for your business, and functions as an additional set of eyes on your account.

We’re in the Top 3% of Agencies in the Country

That’s according to the Google Premier Partners Network (no biggie). We’re also proud to be an official Microsoft Advertising Partner and Meta Business Partner.

And while every HawkSEM employee joins our team with at least three years of experience, our continued education allows us to get ahead of industry trends. From certifications to awards, our achievements set us apart all while creating a super fun work culture.

Google Partner
Microsoft Advertising Partner
Meta Business Partner
Quartz Best Remote Companies
  • Google Premier Partner
  • Microsoft Advertising Partner
  • Meta Business Partner
  • 15+ years in business
  • Voted a top company for remote workers

Perhaps that's why our clients average a 4.5X ROI. Or why we have a 98% retention rate. Either way, we like to think the results speak for themselves.

Meet the Minds
Behind the Madness

Conversion IQ Logo

The ConversionIQ™ System:
Our Not-So-Secret Weapon

If all your internet marketing data was in one place, how would that change your strategy (and results)?

Part marketing tool, part reporting system, ConversionIQ connects all our clients’ marketing channels and data tools, from Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Google Analytics to Facebook to Hubspot, into one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

That means no hopping around from one platform to another.

But more importantly, ConversionIQ gives you a clear picture of what’s happening inside your marketing accounts and their performance in the digital world. Each piece of data contributes to a larger story, and ConversionIQ puts the chapters together

Let's break down what ConversionIQ does for you (and our team).

1. Unifies Your Marketing Efforts

Whether HawkSEM manages just one branch of your marketing or all of them, ConversionIQ allows us to make connections across your marketing channels to find where prospects drop off in the buyer’s journey, where the conversions happen, and how your marketing channels can be more aligned.

2. Reporting On Your Time (Anytime)

While it’s an excellent tool for strategy and analysis, our clients appreciate that ConversionIQ gives them the freedom to check in on their account performances and activity on their time.

That means you don’t have to wait for a monthly report from your team (although you’ll still get those, too). Instead, you can jump into your account on a whim.

It’s your digital marketing, after all. Shouldn’t you have complete transparency?

3. Bulletproof Optimizations

This is where ConversionIQ shines.

All this high-level data accumulation makes it possible for our team to make insanely effective optimizations to your marketing campaigns.

Take our clients, Nike and Verizon, for example:

Both already drove a high volume of revenue before working with HawkSEM. But new customer acquisition costs? Those were higher than their customer lifetime value – with little growth in net new customers.

That is, until ConversionIQ came into play. Once we connected their campaigns, we uncovered a big missing piece: While there were spikes in new customers, those order values were low and never resulted in repeat purchases.

Using the data ConversionIQ uncovered, we optimized their campaigns, which led to a massive increase in the lifetime value of their customers. The kicker? We also improved ROAS by 109%


How Can Our Search Engine Marketing Agency Benefit Your Business?

No matter the state of your current strategy, the right SEM agency can help your results soar.

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Whether you're a digital marketing newbie or a campaign champion, partnering with a digital marketing agency like ours – with experience in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more – offers major perks for your brand. Especially if:

  • Your current efforts have plateaued
  • Your in-house team needs help taking things to the next level
  • You don't have the bandwidth to experiment, test, and iterate
  • You've had a not-so-great experience with another marketing agency

By working with a team of search marketing experts, you get the advantage of their years of experience and intimate knowledge of the space. We know what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to waste time (or budget) figuring it out yourself. At the same time, we take a hands-on approach so you’re in the loop and learning right alongside us about your audience, competitors, and more.

Don’t have time to read up on the latest developments, platforms, algorithm shake-ups, and trends in digital marketing? That’s what we’re here for – we’ll offer suggestions and ideas that you may not have considered, so you can focus on all the other tasks on your plate while knowing your efforts are in capable hands.

Let's be real: You can’t put a price on peace of mind. By knowing that your ad dollars are being handled with care and your program is reaching its maximum potential, you have one less worry (or task) to deal with and more time to spend on what matters.

Our Services

HawkSEM offers the pillars of digital marketing.

Pay per click marketing


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is our bread and butter. In fact, we're among the top 3% of Google Ads agencies in the country. With a team of high-level account manager, strategists, and our ConversionIQ technology, we consistently maximize our clients' ROI.

Our PPC deliverables include:

  • Campaign strategy & execution
  • Campaign restructuring & build-outs
  • Keyword research & development
  • Retargeting, display, & YouTube campaigns
  • Shopping & feed management
  • Amazon advertising
  • Ad copy creation
  • A/B testing
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Revenue modeling and forecasts

Learn more about PPC Management services.

Search engine optimization


We like to say that search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation of any digital marketing success. Along with SEM services, we’re also an experienced SEO agency who knows what it takes to rise up the search engine results page (SERP) ranks.

From tuning up their technical SEO, creating valuable and high-quality content, and staying on top of the latest algorithm updates, we help our clients get to the first page of Google. And this is the gift that keeps on giving, as higher organic search rankings directly benefit their other marketing channels and overall success.

Our SEO services include:

  • Organic traffic goal assessment
  • Content analysis & production
  • Keyword analysis & recommendations
  • Backlink audit, cleanup & monitoring
  • Page title & meta description optimization
  • Google Search Console & Analytics setup
  • 404 error identification, resolution & redirects
  • Site architecture analysis
  • Page speed analysis
  • Schema markup implementation
  • Algorithm impact analysis & resolution

Learn more about our SEO Marketing Agency.

Paid social

Paid Social

Social media experts? We have those.

Our paid social team helps clients expand their social media presence by creating highly targeted paid social campaigns to increase brand awareness and conversions alike.

Our paid social deliverables include:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & TikTok ads
  • Campaign strategy & execution
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Facebook pixel and LinkedIn insights tag implementation
  • Identification of key platforms & opportunities
  • Audience builds based on demographic targeting, interest targeting, email marketing lists, & previous site visitor remarketing
  • A/B and ad format testing (video vs. single image vs. carousel)
  • Placement testing (messenger vs. stories vs.feed)
  • Bidding strategy & optimization

Learn more about our Paid Social services.

Content marketing experts

Content Marketing

An effective content marketing strategy is about providing valuable content that educates and engages your target audience. That’s why our team takes the time to truly understand your audience and their needs. After all, the most effective content is written for people — not search engines.

From blogs to white papers, our content marketing campaigns identify the six keys to success:

  • Buyer persona profile
  • Priority initiative
  • Success factors
  • Perceived barriers
  • Decision criteria
  • Buyer's journey

Learn more about Content Marketing services.

Conversion rate optimization on landing pages

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Landing Pages

Don't just drive traffic. Drive conversions.

HawkSEM’s team of SEM experts create tailor-made landing pages and perform rigorous A/B tests to boost conversion rates for our clients. Built into our PPC packages, CRO picks up where too many leave off. These deliverables include:

  • User data gathering & research
  • Landing page design
  • Heat-mapping & scroll tracking
  • Click map tracking
  • User session recording
  • Funnel analysis
  • Form interaction & drop-off analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Conversion tracking review & setup

Learn more about our CRO services.

Remarketing and display ads

Display Ads and Remarketing

The data shows that up to 98% of users don’t make a purchase the first time they visit a brand’s site. That’s why programmatic and targeted performance display campaigns are the name of the game. Our PPC team leverages remarketing strategies to keep our clients at the top of mind with their audience, creating valuable touch points across channels.

Forget about you? Never.

Learn more about Remarketing services.

Our Expertise

We hold Hawks to high standards. That’s why our team includes only senior-level talent (no junior account managers here). Our combined decades of experience spans a wide variety of industries, methodologies, and platforms, so you get the best of the best.

Cog wheel to represent settings

Lead generation

When it comes to leads, it’s all about quality over quantity. After all, what good is a ton of leads (or clicks) that go nowhere? We aim to help you drive more qualified leads and increase your win rate from those leads to turn them into customers.

Shopping cart


From ad types to social media best practices, ecommerce is in a class of its own. Our ecommerce pros know how to get your online shop increased conversions while reducing costs and the dreaded cart abandonment.

Cloud icon


Our SaaS experts know all about the long sales cycles, fierce competitors, and quickly evolving landscape that come with this industry. ​​We use that knowledge to help these businesses book more demos and increase their customer lifetime value (LTV).

Bank institution icon


Trust and accuracy are cornerstones of the finance field. We can partner with your financial company to help you convert higher quality leads while lowering acquisition costs in the process.

Book icon


From early learning to higher ed and in-person to virtual, our education industry experience has given us the tools that work to increase enrollment successfully by targeting the right searchers at the right time.

Medical kit


In healthcare, it’s all about connecting your business with the people who need your care. Our team specializes in helping you find, engage, and acquire new patients using the latest ad features and targeting options, so your message is direct and clear.

We are phenomenal, but don't take our word for it.

Our Proven Process for SEM Success

Award-winning search engine marketing management doesn't just happen. It takes years of experience coupled with a proven process to earn such a stellar reputation.

Here's a glimpse into what that process looks like.










Audit icon


Our partnership begins with a deep dive into your current SEM campaigns. After over fifteen years in the industry, we’ve developed a thorough checklist that your dedicated team uses to determine where improvement opportunities exist — from website optimizations and content gaps, to asset creation and bidding strategies, to keywords and tracking setup.

From here, we spend time learning all about your business and goals. Some highlights include:

  • Competitor analysis (direct and indirect competitors)
  • Search query and keyword research
  • Current ranking research using data tools like Semrush, Google Trends, and Auction Insights
  • Target audience research
  • Industry demand by season and region
  • Your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • We’ll circle back with a list of suggestions to improve your PPC campaigns right off the bat.
  • This marketing plan is yours to keep, whether you choose to partner with us or not.
  • But that’s just the beginning.
Strategy graph


Your goals are defined. Now it’s our time to create a digital marketing strategy that will knock ‘em out of the park.

Whether you’re looking for PPC, SEO, paid social, or all of the above, our team will churn out a detailed outline of your marketing channel’s next moves. This in-depth proposal includes the “why” behind our suggestions, the “how” for implementation, and ongoing expectations and projections.

Each client strategy is unique and custom crafted for your unique objectives.

Development icon


Once you approve our proposed strategy, the fun begins. And while things get a bit *technical* here, we can give a brief outlines of a typical buildout process for our PPC clients:

  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Building well-structured ad groups with relevant keywords
  • Building negative keyword lists
  • Selecting the best bidding strategies
  • Remarketing setup
  • Crafting appealing ad copy
  • Optimizing landing pages
  • Strong calls to action (CTA)
  • A/B testing setup
  • Connecting your marketing channels inside ConversionIQ

Is that a criminally brief overview of the work we do to build out your campaigns? Yes. But it gives you an idea of the steps we take to ensure your campaigns are locked and loaded and ready to thrive.

Optimize levels


It’s the song that never ends.

Optimizations are where the real magic happens: Where our team meticulously gathers helpful metrics and executes the changes that make conversions happen.

For paid search clients, these optimizations include:

  • Refreshing ad copy, assets, & formats
  • A/B testing keyword variations, landing pages, & assets
  • Updating negative keyword lists
  • Making conversion rate optimizations
  • Adjusting bidding strategy
  • Improving Quality Score
  • Trying new match types
  • Checking languages & locations

As time goes on and performance improves, we learn the key to what makes your paid ads successful and replicate that success like crazy.

Reporting documents


It’s easy for SEM agencies to take their clients’ money and virtually disappear.

And because so much of what marketing agencies do is behind the scenes, how are clients supposed to feel confident that their budget is being well spent? The answer: Clear communication paired with desired results.

At HawkSEM, you can always expect your reports to be:

  • Recurring
  • On time
  • Easy to understand
  • Customized to the KPIs that matter most to you
  • Accessible anytime with ConversionIQ

Our clients feel empowered when they partner with us because there’s no uncertainty. Not only do we set up regular reporting to keep you in the know, we also work with your schedule and on your terms. Some clients prefer emails while others prefer phone calls. Some lean toward video chats while others can only squeeze in a prerecorded update

However frequently and whatever method you choose, we take it upon ourselves to fit effortlessly into your existing and preferred business operations.

Rocket icon


Build, test, optimize, repeat.

Our data-driven process is fueled by empathy, setting you up for continued growth and scalability. If you’re ready to ramp up your ROI, we’re here for you.

SEM Agency Pricing:
What Does It Cost?

Partnering with an SEM agency can be a serious boon for your bottom line.

What's more, when you work with the right agency, you'll find it's well worth the investment. Here are the most common pricing structures you're likely to see.

Learn More
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  • pie chart

    Percentage of Ad Spend

    This commission-based pricing model involves paying the agency a percentage of your monthly ad budget (generally somewhere between 10% - 30%).

  • money

    Flat Fee

    The flat-fee model is straightforward with a consistent monthly fee - no add-ons or unexpected fluctuations, though there's often a one-time onboarding or setup fee.

  • graph

    Performance-based Fees

    For this payment structure, you pay the online marketing company based on the leads they bring in for your. While this may seem appealing, ensure you get quality leads, no just quantity.

Helpful Resources

We don't gatekeep around here – whether or not you decide to work with us, we care about providing helpful, accurate content that educates and informs. Here's what we mean:

We make things happen's what our clients say


"We use our website as an educational resource for our consumers, so it's important to have good content and a clean site to help pull them in. HawkSEM has been great! They are strategic as well as easy to work with."

Momm's Bliss

"I wish I met you guys sooner. You guys paid for yourself and then some in just a matter of months!"

Zephyr Test Management

"Doubling our conversion rate was just a dream until you guys showed us the way. We are forever grateful, thank you!"


Request a Free Consultation

At the end of the day, we know the most effective marketing centers on people and connections, not just search engine results.

No BS, just results. Clients see an average 4.5X ROI

  • Dramatically improve ROI
  • Outperform the competition
  • Increase conversion volume
  • Better track ROI
  • Reduce cost per acquisition
  • Improve lead quality

Ready to see if we're a match made in marketing heaven? Let's find out together